PCAT Requirements

Effective for the entering professional class of Fall 2017, the PCAT requirements for the Pharm.D. program have been revised. Prospective students (both Hampton University Pre-Professional students and Transfer students) applying to the professional program will need to have a preferred minimum composite percentile rank (PR) of 50. Note that having a score lower than 50 does not disqualify a prospective student from applying to the program or being interviewed. However, all other factors being the same, an applicant will have a much stronger chance of being accepted into the program if the composite PR is higher than 50. 

This new requirement is effective immediately. Since prospective students may have already taken the PCAT and have not have met the requirement, the School of Pharmacy has extended its deadline for accepting PCAT scores to February 28, 2018. Students may retake the PCAT any number of times, and the highest PCAT composite percentile rank will be considered for purposes of admission to the program. However, every prospective student must submit a copy of the preliminary score report that is made available to test takers immediately following their PCAT exam. A student must also request an official copy of their PCAT results to be sent to the School of Pharmacy for verification purposes. 

Any questions on this matter may be directed to the following individuals below: 

Mrs. Tracy Small-Johnson

Ph. 757-728-6494

Email: tracy.small-johnson@hamptonu.edu


Ms. Linda Bond

Ph. 757-727-5482

Email: linda.bond@hamptonu.edu