HU SSHP Student Chapter Officers

2014-2015 Officers

Jalpa Patel
Siloise Binikiseh
Ivis Turner
Tangie Smith
LaQuita Johnson
Community Service Chair:
 Erica Belle
Fundraising Committee Chair:
Brittney Williams
Membership/Social Media Chair:
Justin Chamblee

P1 Class Liasion:
Niesha Johnson

 P2 Class Liasion:

P4 Class Liasion:
Walter J. Paschall, III

Faculty Liaison:
Dr. Angela Hamilton


Description of officers and their duties:

President (Student Liaison)

The president shall be the principal elected or appointed officer of the student body and shall preside over all business meetings and consult with the executive committee, other committees and their chairpersons. The president shall represent the student society at annual and business meetings of the state society. The president shall also abide and govern by the state bylaws. The president has the power to recommend and nominate students for the state society student appointments.


The President-Elect shall assume the responsibilities of the President in his or her absence or incapacity, and shall succeed to the office of the President upon completing a term as President-Elect. He/she shall be assigned duties and responsibilities as determined by the President.


The Historian shall serve as advocate of the society (chairperson of the Membership Committee) and principal delegate of maintaining the website, photographs at events, and keeping records of all special events. The Historian shall be assigned additional duties and responsibilities by the President, consistent with the needs of the student society.


The secretary shall serve as Communication Committee chairperson. He or she should forward pertinent student society information to the state society and ASHP Pharmacy Student Forum in a timely fashion.


The treasurer shall serve as the finance committee chairperson. He or she should maintain an accurate record of the chapter’s income and expenditures. Signatures of the Faculty Advisor and the Treasurer or the President shall be required to negotiate the society’s checks.