Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences


To provide an environment where students can acquire the knowledge and skills in pharmaceutical sciences that are necessary to be proficient as entry-level pharmacy practitioners, and develop a vigorous and sustainable biomedical sciences research program.


To provide high quality pharmacy education that will enable our graduates to be exemplary professionals who will positively impact health issues nationally and worldwide, while securing our position as a premiere institution for biomedical sciences research.

Goals and Objectives

  1. Promote the achievement of the school’s program essential competencies
    1. Foster development of supplemental structured learning activities longitudinally throughout the didactic curriculum
    2. Utilize a variety of active learning strategies that are designed to foster critical thinking skills
    3. Promote life-long learning
  2. Engage in the scholarship of teaching, discovery, application, and integration
    1. Achieve and maintain adequate extramural support for teaching and research
    2. Continue to publish in high impact journals
    3. Promote student participation in scholarly activities
  3. Engage in activities that promote the school and university in the community
    1. Participate in continuing education and health awareness campaigns
    2. Organize and participate in outreach and community service activities
    3. Organize and participate in science and technology activities in the community
  4. Facilitate faculty and staff development activities
    1. Provide mentorship to enhance skills and abilities
    2. Participate in professional and scientific meetings and workshops
    3. Promote membership and active participation in professional organizations