Hampton University School of Pharmacy has over 540 alumni who are presently working in key positions in community and hospital pharmacies, as well as long term care facilities, public health organizations, pharmaceutical companies and other practice venues. Alumni have returned to campus for special presentations and important events.

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Dr. Ngozi Obi, member of the founding Class of 2002, returned to campus on April 12, 2013, for the 13th Annual Awards and Rites of Passage Ceremony to present the Founding Pioneers Legacy Scholarship.

Dr. Michelle E. Bundy '03 returned to the School of Pharmacy to serve as our Reflections Speaker for the 12th Annual White Coat Ceremony on September 19, 2013. Dr. Bundy assisted us in welcoming fifty-seven new P1 students into the School of Pharmacy. She shared her thoughts on her career as a pharmacist and a retrospective view on the education she received at Hampton. Dr. Bundy is a clinical pharmacy specialist at the Hampton Veterans Affairs Medical Center.

Dr. Monique White '06, Keynote Speaker at the 2013 White Coat Ceremony, shared her passion for community service and outreach with the new P1 class. Dr. White is the Pharmacy Manager at Walmart in Norfolk, and also serves as the Regional Immunization Champion for Walmart Pharmacy.

Dr. Ebony Andrews '04 returned to Hampton University School of Pharmacy in 2009 to serve as a full-time Assistant Professor in the Department of Pharmacy Practice.

Dr. Janine James '02 joined the faculty at Hampton University School of Pharmacy in 2013 as the Director of Experiential Education. Dr. James previously worked for Optima Health Insurance in Virginia Beach, Virginia, as Pharmacy Manager of Operations.

Dr. Michele Shirley '05 joined the faculty in 2013 as a full-time Assistant Professor in the Department of Pharmacy Practice and also serves as the coordinator of Community Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experiences (IPPEs).

The following alumni have served as part-time faculty members in the School of Pharmacy: Dr. Torrea Davis Harris '02, Dr. Jennifer Dauer '05, Dr. Irma Gundayao '06, Dr. Ashley Scott Randall '07 and Dr. Diane Araj '08.

Numerous alumni serve as preceptors to our students in both introductory pharmacy practice experiences (IPPEs) and/or advanced pharmacy practice experiences (APPEs):

Mia Adkins '11
Amanda Andrews '07
Ebony Andrews ‘05
Diane Araj '08
Timothy Beeckler '03
Yunique Bradley '05
Michelle Gonzales Bundy '03
Jennifer Dauer '05
Serena Dinger ‘09
Tracy Lymber Donnelly '03
Crystal Ferguson '07
Tiffany Ford-Britt '04
Aigner George '03
Michelle Gonzales '03
Lakeisha Smith Goode '02
Irma Gundayao '06
Michelle Harmon '03
Torrea Davis Harris '02
Jeanette Ibeh '08
Kara Larkin '03
Leshahn Layton Mials ’02
Cindy Monroe '03
Angela Moreland '07
Chika Onwudiwe '04
Lauren Paige '07
Cassandra Poulson '02
Ashley Scott Randall '07
Damon Redding '02
Michelle Shirley '05
Janelle St. Louis '09
Jennifer Stuck '03
Karri Lockwood '10
Frank Washington '07
Monique White '06

We thank these alumni for giving back to their home by the sea!