School of Pharmacy

Welcome to the Hampton University School of Pharmacy! We are happy to have you visiting with us. The School of Pharmacy was born in the minds and hearts of the academic community at Hampton University years before the first students enrolled. During the years of planning, it was decided that this School of Pharmacy would deliver an innovative, technologically-advanced curriculum in an atmosphere where concern about the whole student is evident. Indeed, the program promotes professionalism in dress, classroom decorum, presentation style, and participation in professional organizations. The program underscores academic excellence and the development of those tangible qualities necessary to deliver pharmaceutical care. We have assembled a diverse, experienced faculty who care about the academic progress and personal and professional development of the individual student. You are invited to tour this site. We also extend an invitation to visit us in person. We have much to share with the committed potential professional, practicing pharmacists, and the community at large.


The mission of the School of Pharmacy is to provide contemporary pharmaceutical education that produces highly-skilled pharmacists who deliver quality pharmaceutical care to the people of Virginia and the nation. The program focuses on a strong foundation in the pharmaceutical sciences, curricular integration, provision of high-quality pharmaceutical care, lifelong learning, appropriate use of technology, and a vigorous research program. The School promotes and encourages the scholarly and professional development of students, faculty, and staff in a multicultural environment.